Your Ultimate Fix

You’ve looked into every diet fad, seen social media influencers proclaiming they’ve made the big discovery, and you may have even tried them all — and I’m willing to bet you’re still frustrated nothing’s working for the long term. That stops now.

Let me show you how to make losing weight simpler and — best of all — sustainable.

The tools I’m going to share in the new program will help you:

Break your sugar addiction: I’ll teach you WHY you’re addicted to sugar (because knowledge is power) and how you can break the addiction. I’m even arming you with grocery lists, meal plans, and easy-to-make recipes that emphasize whole-food ingredients, so you can finally cut down on processed foods without cutting out the joy of eating. I’ll even coach you through discarding the hidden sugars that are so destructive to reaching your goals!

Get the whole family healthy: Those days of prepping one meal for the kids and one for the adults are over. I’ll cover everything from what and how much your kids should be eating, to getting them to eat enough fruits and veggies, and even how to end the “I’m only eating chicken nuggets for dinner” battle once and for all.

Feed yourself for performance: I’ll show you how you can customize your eating plan to your goal, whether it’s to lose those stubborn last 10 pounds or build muscle. My proven nutrition strategies are designed to maximize your nutrition so you can maximize your results — whether you’re paleo, vegan, or gluten-free


•Over 30 new videos about the containers with deep dives into the principles of the plan so you can really grasp each concept.

• Set of 7 Portion-control containers

• Program Workbook

• Daily Logbook

• Fixate Volume 2 Cookbook. Includes 102 new recipes.

• 75 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids PDF (digital). A quick and easy resource for parents that want to make sure their kids getting a variety of healthy foods and not eating the same things over and over again.