Setting Good Intentions for Your Day & Week

I have a confession... I have been on the struggle bus when it comes to getting up in the morning and starting my day on a positive & PRODUCTIVE note!! I've started to feel like I LIVE in leggings and a messy bun...because i DO ha. And that's ok, but I've really wanted to start getting up EARLIER and getting stuff DONE!!!

Sooooo I started a new little challenge for myself called --> get UP. dress UP. show UP!!! Today was day one and it's been a TOTAL miracle. I've learned that having a good DAY requires preparing mentally the night before. Watch this short little video as I share MORE :)

I'm so PUMPED about it that when I shared from the heart last week on this topic I discovered so many other women have the same struggles so I put together an accountability group. It's totally FREE and you can join me --> HERE I would love to help you start having better days and being INTENTIONAL about achieving your goals. 95% of the populations will never live the life of their dreams...let's be sure that YOU are in that 5% that DOES!!!

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