Dry, Painful, Itchy Skin!

I've always suffered from dry, itchy, painful skin! Often even finding myself with dry patches and I would literally scratch and scratch just up to the point of breaking the skin :( I have tried EVERY lotion and potion under the I thought!

During a late night Google search for the topic, up popped Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment with *Colloidal Oatmeal. Yea yea I've heard of it before and I thought I had tried it in the past, but decided to try it anyways.

My hubby was out and about and so I sent him pictures of these 3 products.

I could NOT believe that after just one day my skin INSTANTLY felt better and RELIEVED!! I loved it so much I decided to try their night time face cream. I am totally hooked. I was miserable with dry, flakey, itchy, painful skin. I can't tell you how GOOD I feel :)

*COLLOIDAL OATMEAL Locks in moisture and helps prevent dry skinThe AVEENO® brand is most trusted for its use of natural ingredients. Oat is the natural ingredient most recommended by dermatologists. As a skin protectant active ingredient, oatmeal can help restore skin's normal pH and aid in the maintenance of skin's moisture barrier to help prevent and protect dry skin.