Paycheck to paycheck to Business Owner

#throwbackthursday ... YES that is the CEO of a Billion Dollar Company - Carl Daikeler!

Nine years ago I was lost. I mean SO lost...not a lot of friends. Unhealthy. Depressed. Zero self confidence. Alone. Single mom. And BROKE. I remember thinking there HAD to be something more to this life. Like, my life HAS to have some kind of purpose...but what? How would I find that purpose? And once I found it, could I live up to it?

I loved the people that I worked with at the corn refinery plant...but I knew I wasn't meant to work there forever. I was barely getting by living paycheck to paycheck. Struggling to put food on the table and to even keep the utilities on. So I started looking an at home based sales companies. Guys, I was already working full-time and was a single mom. I didn't have time for parties or processing sales. And I didn't have money to buy fancy kits of inventory. And while I love jewelry and candles wasn't my PASSION. It wasn't life changing. There was something about working out, losing weight, getting healthy, gaining confidence and having an amazing circle of friends and influence that was so much more...

Carl is more than a CEO. He's a leader. He's in the trenches with the network. He's INNOVATIVE. He. never. gives. up. And he's one of the first people who truly believed in me before I ever believed in myself. He is a friend.

If it weren't for this business I don't know where I'd be today. I am so grateful for him, for Beachbody and that I had the courage to say YES to the opportunity. And the determination to SHOW UP every single day.

To my girlfriends reading this, I want to be that person that believes in YOU before you believe in yourself. I want to be that person that helps you find YOUR passion and purpose in life. The team is ending the year STRONG!!! It's PRE-SEASON and 2019 has too many AMAZING things lined up to just sit around and wait.

Are you ready?