Ditch the Takeout-Step 2

#DitchTheTakeout Step #2 - Getting Your Mindset Right and Family On Board

So what was next? I decided to start cooking at home. This requires a plan. Otherwise you go to the grocery store and come home with odds and ends and then left wondering what’s for dinner and then just dining out. NOPE not this time. It wasn’t going to happen. So I made a meal plan. I searched one of my favorite Apps “All Recipes” and went to work. Together we picked out some main dishes for dinner and then made a grocery list. At the grocery store we primarily stuck to what was on the plan, what was on the list.

In one week we saved $615 from simply eliminating dining out, with the exception of our family day and/date night. We also both agreed that we felt closer to one another as we spent more quality time together.


  1. Write out a meal plan. Determine the main dish for dinner for the next 4-5 nights.

  2. Download my Grocery Shopping template and fill it in.

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