Ditch the Takeout-Step 1

#DitchTheTakeout Step #1 - Getting Your Mindset Right and Family On Board

Hey girlfriend. I am so glad that you are here and checking this out. It’s good to know I am not the only one who’s made dining out a hobby and then wondering where all our money has gone.

If I can be honest with you, I had been a little bitter and even a bit resentful for the past year or so. Paj & I had made some not so great financial decisions and we were both frustrated. I kept saying we need to save we need to save. I had the mentality that I needed to make more money! Then one day it hit me, how can I sit around being bitter if I’m not willing to do something about it. So instead of focusing on all of the larger bills, I decide to talk a look at smaller ones. I knew we had a problem with dining out so decided to start there.

I logged in to our bank account and ran a report for the last 30 days. I dumped it into an excel spreadsheet and put an x in the column next any dining out expenses. I did not include Target runs or the grocery store. After sorting and adding it all up, WOW was that a shocker. Like my jaw literally hit the floor. We had literally been spending my previous monthly salary in DINING OUT! What? I was SICK.

From that moment on I decided to make a change for our family. I presented my case to Paj and he was immediately on board. I think we were both in denial before actually doing a little research and tallying it all up. Tiarra was all for it as well as she loves home cooking and family time.

Assignment: 1. Download or print out your bank statement for the last 30 days. Add up how much was spent dining out.

2. Present it to your family. Let them know how important it is as a family to be smarter with income. Be sure to add that they’ll not only feel better eating at home, but you’ll be able to spend more quality time together. #drabtofablife

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