Made For More

Scrolling through photo's on my phone and came across this.... I remember when I stumbled across the Beachbody opportunity. My life had been in such a rut, I had just started making some significant changes in my life...I knew that something had to change. I knew that there had to be something GREATER planned for my's funny how God brings the right people, the right opportunities into your life right when you need them most, when you're ready... Imagine this small town girl standing on stage at the Titan's stadium in front of 25,000 heart raced as I they called my name and I walked across that stage, searching for my hubby (Paj) in the sea of people...there he was right up front beaming proudly at me. You see I was never one to have any big crazy dreams, although in 3rd grade I did get written up for daydreaming :p I had always worked hard for more, going to school, getting certificates, getting my degree...I kept trying to climb my way out of that pit, getting no where fast until this. When I signed up, I was single mom, I was bankrupt, I was broke, I was alone...but this sparked something within me. It lit a fire...a inferno. Suddenly I was surrounded by MOTIVATED, positive, DRIVEN, go getters!! I had no idea what I was doing, but I was having FUN...I was helping others...I felt like I MY LIFE mattered. Little did I know that my life would be changed forever. That I would figure it out...that I would make a DIFFERENCE. Beachbody isn't just about's about LIFE CHANGE. It's about everyday people helping day, one person at a time. I'm so thankful that I went out on a limb, that I took a chance...that I said YES to OPPORTUNITY <3 Are you ready? Is there a small voice whispering...take a chance...go for were made for more <3 MESSAGE ME, join my next internship. The biggest step is simply making a decision...together we can do this.