Ready to quit your day job?

Maybe it's time to quit my day job....

I used to dread going to work everyday...OK NOT REALLY, I actually liked my job :P BUT I didn't enjoy spending time away from Tiarra and being tied down to someone else's schedule with very little flexibility. I much rather being in control of my paycheck AND calendar <3 When I "quit my day job" almost SEVEN years ago, I was SCARED! A single mom, quitting her fulltime job with benefits and 401k + pension to do some network marketing gig? I was scared but I DID IT! I faced the fear and went for it. I am so forever grateful that I did. I am thankful to work from home, creating my own schedule, in charge of how much $$ I make (because it all comes back to ME and my own personal efforts) ANNNND chatting with these two literally ALL day long. We LAUGH non-stop, we PUSH each other, but we also STRATEGIZE!!!! In fact, less than 24 hours after our big team retreat and we had already brainstormed a new system for the team. And are currently in the process of outsourcing graphics and other TOP SECRET stuff. Our goal is to package the system up, present it to our girl gang so they can easily RUN WITH IT and D U P L I C A T E !!! That's how we do it!!! When you work for someone else you don't have the FREEDOM to do whatever you want. To be as creative as you want. To think outside of the box or go outside of the lines. We are OUTTA the box and have created NEW lines. I'm so thankful for these 2 girlfriends who make me a better leader, a better coach, a better FRIEND <3 Love you guys!!!