You CAN sit with us!

All the reason's why you SHOULDN'T join THIS team... - You're going to be surrounded by HAPPY positive people. Who has time for that?

- You're going to have to LEARN and GROW...adding to your CONFIDENCE level, better your relationships...mmhmmm

- You're cup is probably already full. In this business your cup is filled daily by the satisfaction of helping others.

- You'll get in tip top shape...with summer around the corner who needs that?

- Oh and earn extra money or even a lot of money??? Nahhhh I'm sure you're not interested in that at ALL :P

Ok, ok, ok... with all seriousness. These are reasons why you SHOULD join my team. So what does it look like to work with me? If you're looking to grow a BUSINESS then we will be working very closely for the first 6 months to a Year (yes this isn't a get rich quick scheme, it's going to take a good year to really build). Leading you through the systems we have in place to help you be successful. After that I will be there as much as you need me until then end of time...because I'm pretty sure we will become best friends by then.

I personally POUR IN to those who truly WANT to change their lives AND who are willing to do the work. You see, sometimes I want my Team's dreams to happen more than they do. Sometimes I even believe in them before they do.

So if you need a COACH. If you need a PUSH. If you need a LIFE CHEERLEADER then I AM YOUR GIRL. I'm looking for women who NEED to make a change but aren't really sure where to start. Women who are TIRED of the day to day routine. Who feel UNFULFILLED! Who lack PURPOSE. Who has this crazy work ethic to match mine...who are willing to WERK!!!!

Is that you? Ready to run??