It's Your Journey

Your journey is your journey and my journey is mine :)

Round 2 of Obsession has come and gone. I missed quite a few workouts and my eating was not on point. Through Christmas, New Years and ups and downs of life, I did my personal best....and you know what, I am OK with that! During the test group I was DETERMINED to make it through the program giving it my all. I followed it to a T! I didn't want to get to the end and wish I had tried harder!! 80 days is INTENSE! It's hard to stay on point for 80 let alone 160 :P So when people ask do you have to follow the meal plan? Nope. Do you have to do all of the workouts? Nope. BUT you're not going to get OBSESSION results!!! I have a couple of trips over the next few weeks, then it's BACK AT it training for Mexico and then for the Mrs Georgia Pageant <3 Having a GOAL to work towards makes it so much more REAL!!! <3 So ladies, if you fall off don't beat yourself up. Just know that it's up to YOU and no one else. Do your best. Get focused. Don't CHEAT on YOURSELF!!!! You've got this <3