Push Yourself to Do Something Scary!!!

When is the last time you PUSHED yourself out of your comfort zone? It's so easy to become complacent in life. The truth is if you stay in your bubble, your safe zone you're really missing out on LIFE!!!!

What is something that you can set a goal to accomplish in this New Year?

- Complete a Mud Run

- Complete your first 5k

- Take a Public Speaking Class (check out Toastmasters a free National organization)

- Teach Group Fitness

- Take a singing class

- Write a book

- Sign up for a Competition (fitness, beauty, dance etc...)

- Go on a Mission Trip

You get the idea...DO SOMETHING SCARY!!! When you do something thats out of the norm you'll be SO PROUD of yourself, you'll feel SO accomplished because you WORKED for it. You TRAINED for it. You did something that made you want to pee your pants :P

Heres what I did in 2017 .... I needed something to get me excited when I opened my eyes in the morning, something to WORK towards!!! Now what's next for me? Hmmmm

Share with me! I would love to know what that big scary goal is for you!!!

XO, Lisa

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1. Take the first step "In theory, all you need to do is to take the first step. It will be difficult. The first day at the gym is the worst. The opening line of your story takes the longest time. But as you gain momentum, it is easier to keep moving." — Deepak Mehta

2. Put yourself in a new environment "Begin with some small changes that do not present any real threat, such as eating at a different restaurant in a different part of town, or attending an art exhibit or gun show. The idea is to place yourself in new arenas where you control the interaction."