Life. Don't think to deeply or take it too serious...

Life. Don't think to deeply or take it too serious...otherwise you'll drive yourself crazy. It's easy to try and analyze every situation like "why did they say that" or constantly question why bad or unfair things continuously seem to happen. Like why can't you catch a break? The truth is you'll never "catch a break" it's up to you to catch what's being thrown at you, acknowledge it and then throw that sucker back! Let me explain.

Here's the deal, life is full of constant ups and downs. One day you may be on an all time high and then next day your world seems like it's crumbling down around you. You have to manage your MIND before it manages you. And let me just say, the mind is a very, very powerful thing. If you allow yourself to "stew" on things, questioning why this or why're only creating stress and anxiety for yourself.

It's really easy to live life trying to please others, to make others happy...let me tell you that's no way to live. Now hear me out. Each and every one of us is responsible for our own personal happiness. No one can make you truly happy, if you're not happy with yourself first. So if someone is UNHAPPY, until they can find their personal happy place in their own lives...YOU CAN'T MAKE THEM HAPPY! You can love them, support them, but at the end of the day they have to ultimately love themselves to find their true happiness...the same goes for you.

I often wake up in the early morning with my mind wandering, questioning, stressing, WORRYING. Though out the day overthinking things, filling my mind with thoughts that are not moving me forward in life. Prayer, meditation, affirmations and incantations are what help move me PAST those thoughts, acknowledging them and then moving on.

I love to start my mornings with guided mediation. It's a great way to start your day fresh, with a clear and calm mind. You can download apps such as Daily Calm or Headspace. These are perfect for newbies at meditation. It really teaches you to slow down your mind and to be present in the moment. To acknowledge thoughts and to release them.

Affirmations. As soon as negative, self doubting or unhealthy thoughts pop in my head, I immediately fire back with positive thoughts such as:

- I am a great mom

- My husband and I have a strong and amazing marriage

- I am a great leader

- I give love and am loved

- I have so much energy

- I am a child of God

- I am Unstoppable

- I am Beautiful