I Love My Workouts

Ive had a few people ask recently what do I do for cardio... What do I do at the gym... What-else am I doing BESIDES Beachbody? Gasp! Is there anything else besides Beachbody 🤪 . Here’s the deal guys I only do Beachbody. Why? Well because it works (I started at almost 200 lbs). Because it’s a complete program...structured and balanced fitness programs, complete nutrition plan, superfood shakes, all natural performance line, SUPPORT!! It’s conveniently stream online or to the TV and it’s FUN!! Theres all kinds of programs for anyone from kids, expecting moms, to the elderly. . At a gym I don’t get any of that. I don’t need extra cardio because it’s built into my program for me! I get to workout in the privacy of my own home. I don’t have to pay for a trainer to workout with or a gym membership. I get access to over 600 workouts for an entire YEAR for the same price as about four personal training session!!! . Sooooo yep! There you have it!!! Want to join me and my girl gang? Want to get started on those resolution goals NOW?! lets go!! I can help!!!