3 Month Transformation!

**3 Month Transformation **

Whether you think you can or think you can’t...YOURE RIGHT!!! How many times have you CHEATED on yourself, because of self-limiting beliefs? Here are a few things I do on the DAILY! - Workout at Home (6 Days a Week) - Minimum of 1 Gallon of Water - Listen to Personal Development - Fuel my body with CLEAN FOODS (lots of kale, quinoa, lean meats, healthy fats, sweet potatoes, coconut oil, etc...) - Follow a portion control & balanced meal plan - Drink Shakeology (and have for over 8 years now) - Get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep - Selfcare : foam rolling, epsom salt baths etc. Is it easy? It wasn’t at first, but it’s now a lifestyle. Once you see/feel results, you don’t want to QUIT!! YOU CAN DO THIS! Get out of your own head before the doubt and fear creeps in.