A stronger, healthier, happier ME!

**July 29th vs October 29th** -> 17 INCHES & 6 POUNDS GONE <-

A stronger, healthier, happier ME! I still can’t believe I did it. I made it. I did something for me. I did something HARD. There were times I wanted to cheat. I wanted to quit. I wanted to cry (oh wait did do that 😂). But I didn’t STOP. I finished strong. I kept going. I wasn’t giving up on myself, not this time!!! In 3 months I lost 17” and 6 lbs!! I gained my CONFIDENCE! I won my body back. I took my LIFE back. People may wonder why I always talk about Beachbody...because I eat, sleep, breathe it. Because I LIVE IT!! My original journey started at nearly 200 I stand today at a LEAN, strong CONFIDENT 140! I share it because ITS CHANGED MY LIFE!!!! Why wouldn’t I want that for you? For everyone? Carl Daikeler thank you for believing in me!!! Thank you for this incredible life changing opportunity that’s impacted my family’s life over the last decade!!! Autumn Calabrese thank you for pouring in to all that you do. Thank you for showing up and pushing us to do and be more. Thank you for being you!!! Paj Mohager I seriously couldn’t have done this without you and your support. Thank you for always being there and picking me up when I get down or too hard on myself. Thank you for putting up with me when I was a teeny, weeny bit grouchy ha. I love you. If you’ve ever wondered if these programs work, the answer is YES!!! Why? Because you have an actual PLAN!!! A program. A nutrition plan. Accountability and SUPPORT!!!! Because they are amazing! Round one is over!!!!! ROUND TWO LETS GO!!!

PS you can get a 5 day intro sneak peek to this program November 6th!!! Message me, text, Call, comment below so I can get you set up to get a little obsessed with me!!! The official program launches in January!!! You need to get ready NOW!!!!

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