Searching for my Purpose

Before Beachbody I was searching...searching for my purpose, my place in this world. I knew that there had to be SOMETHING more for me. I knew that God had to have some greater plan for me.

Young pregnancy, public housing, public aid, divorce, car repo, loss of employment, bankruptcy, overweight, single mom...through out those years I kept my head up. I constantly strived to do more, to be more...paralegal certificate, bachelors degree both were earned working full time...I was so hopeful that my life would turn around.

Little did I know that it would...that God would place this business in my life that would totally change everything <3 From quitting my full-time job, losing 60 lbs, making new wonderful friends, empowering and changing lives of other women and earning a six-figure income, finding my soulmate.

Forever grateful <3 It's so much more that just a workout program or a's about LIFE CHANGE <3 Are you ready to make that change?


**Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success