Ladies, never stop...take a breather but never QUIT!

At my heaviest I was close to 200 lbs...I had NO confidence, no self esteem. Deep down I just kept thinking SOMETHING had to change...there had to be something MORE out there, God had to have something planned for me... As a bankrupt, broke, over weight, single mom my life change began with a decision. A decision to do something different. Trust me, a lot of those decisions at the time seemed to lead no where, but looking back I can see how each step was led me in the right direction. Each step was opening a new door. From getting 2nd jobs, working full-time, volunteering at local charities, going to college in the evenings, trying to be the best mom, to do my personal led me to where I am today. Am I exactly where I want to be? Am I "done"? Uhhhh heck no, I've only just ARRIVED!!! I have SO many big and scary GOALS and DREAMS that are going to require ME to continue to LEARN and GROW! To continue on the journey and mission of becoming the best version of me possible. Ladies, never stop...take a breather but never QUIT! Keep going. keep DREAMING. Keeping your head held high. Be kind to others and KNOW that YOUR day is coming <3 XO Lisa

#DrabtoFabLife <3