Do Something Scary!!

I recently posted something that I had made a commitment to something that was really scary and was going to push me out of my comfort zone. Something that I’m really excited about! Before I tell you guys what it is, I wanted to ask you when was the last time you did something really scary? Something you had to work for, something you look forward to and have to do x, y and z in order to Ta Da, achieve. Maybe it’s taking singing lessons, a mud run, the Princess run at Disney World, you want to take up public speaking or maybe you want to teach group fitness. When was the last time you’ve done something so scary that you’re excited all the time. I feel like if we don’t have something that we are pushing towards it’s so easy for us to become complacent and stagnant in our lives. Right? I’m guilty of that.

For those that don’t know how I met my husband, he was a personal trainer and I had contacted him because I was considering doing a fitness show. I had lost 60 pounds and felt like that would be an awesome next step to do something for myself, to showcase my accomplishment, to feel excited and again something to work towards. Well like happened, we got married, we were on VH1 and TLC. We did all of this cool stuff. And also I went to my first fitness show, so I had never even been to a fitness show. I just saw my friends doing it and thought “That look cool!” While fitness competitions are amazing and I applaud everyone that does them, they just aren’t right for me. So about a year ago I had looked at doing a different type of event. And again life happened and I let it go and didn’t sign up for it. Recently I noticed a couple of my girl friends were doing this in different states and thought “Oh, man that is so awesome!” And then I started to think “Why not me?”, “Why can’t I do that?”, “What’s stopping me?”, “What’s holding me back?” It is fear? Of course. Fear of failure, fear of maybe not being good enough, what are people going to think, can I do it. And I told Paj that I was thinking about doing this thing and he immediately said “Do it!” Haha, I was like OK!

So I started contacting my amazing friends that are in that industry and I contacted Samantha Gunn. She did my hair for our wedding, she’s done all of our photo shoots. She’s amazing! And immediately she said “DOOOO ITTTT!!!” haha and I was like “oookk, maybe I should do it!” And still I kind of had the doubt, thoughts in the back of my head if I can do this. So I contacted someone that trains on this specific topic and yes we have plenty of time to prepare and so Paj and I met with her and she’s amazing and I’m so excited! So basically you guys, I have enrolled, entered into the Mrs. Georgia Pageant!! And I am beyond excited!!

It’s so funny because I kept thinking, it was almost like I was trying to make up excuses. I was thinking “Am I really pageant material?” And then I just busted out laughing because I am all about glitz and glam! So I thought that was really funny. And Paj and I go to a restaurant very frequently, Rays at Killer Creek. Our good friend Nicole works there. Paj was telling her “Ya, Lisa’s going to do this pageant” and was telling her all about it. At this point we still hadn’t decided if this was something I was going to do or not. And Nicole said “Lisa, this is exactly what you tell people to do. Is to push beyond you comfort zones.” What I do, is I push women to move outside of their comfort zone and do something crazy, do something exciting. Something that they have always wanted to do or maybe they haven’t always wanted to. And I was like “oh, you’re right! Ok, I have to do this!” You guys I have never done a pageant, I’ve never done a fitness competition, I’ve never done anything like this at all!

So when my coach said last week to come prepared with heels and a bathing suit I was like ok this is getting real! So I got to learn some new, cool things. So what I’m learning so far is its really about confidence and how you carry yourself. And I have a lot to work on, a lot of hard work ahead of me over the next 3 months. I do consider myself a confident person, but I have a lot of work to do. So I want to encourage you guys to do something that’s scary, do something that you’re going to learn and grow from. Something that’s going to push you out of your comfort zone and something that you have to look forward to every single day when you wake up. And you know that you have to do this because you want this to happen. Thank you guys for all of your support. I hop that you will follow me on this journey and cheer me on. And just be a part of this with me.