Mrs Georgia Pageant Update

I am the founder of the Drab toFab Life. I help woman feel confident and comfortable in the skin that they’re in and I help them earn an income while they’re at it. Today I just wanted to give you guys a quick pageant update. It has been a week since I decided to enroll in my first pageant. I was getting my hair done today and Mikey, who does my hair said to me “I didn’t know you were into those pageant things” I actually haven’t been, I don’t want to say I’m not, but I’ve never done one of them before. Actually I’ve never done anything like this before. I’ve never done a pageant before or a fitness show, I’ve never competed. The biggest thing I would say I’ve done on that kind of a scale is spoken in front of almost a 1,000 people. I have been on stage in front of about 8,000 people but I was just walking to accept an award. So I’ve never done anything like this and I think it’s so cool because I’ve heard from so many of people that I’m inspiring them because I’m doing something different and out of my comfort zone.

So that’s what I want to encourage you guys to do, is to think about what you’re working towards? What is pushing you outside of your comfort zone, outside of your box. Something that you have to look forward to, that you have to push towards, something that you’re going to learn and grow from. What do you have in your life that you have just for yourself, that is going to make you become a better version of yourself, push you, make you grow that will make you become a better version of yourself. For me, I wasn’t working towards anything. I didn’t have anything that I was pushing towards. I was starting to feel kind of lost.

About a year or so ago, I had seen that someone else was doing the Mrs. America Pageant and I looked it up and kind of brushed it off. We had a lot of other things going on. Then maybe a month ago, I just told Paj that I just felt blah. I didn’t have a goal that I was working towards and I needed something for motivation. You would think that going to the Dominican Republic in a month would give me motivation to get my butt in gear. It was, and it has been, but I needed something more. That’s why I want to encourage you guys to think about something that you’ve always wanted to do, something that scares you.

It’s kind of intimidating to think about getting on stage in a bathing suit. Of course, the ball gown I love, I love dressing up, I love all things girlie. So I’m actually looking forward to that part. Find something that you want to do, whether it’s taking singing lessons or maybe it’s running a half marathon or a mud run. Or going on a hiking course, whatever, do something. Do something scary, that’s going to push you, motivate you and have you looking forward to every single day. When you get up in the morning that’s you’re fire. For me, it just happens to be a pageant and I’m so fired up about it and I’m so excited that you guys are on this journey with me.

So I just wanted to give you guys an update. It’s been 1 week and my pageant date is June 11th and I’ve got a lot of serious work to do. I’m doing tons of cardio and trying to lean out a little bit. You guys that follow me know that I have been doing heavy, heavy weights, which doesn’t make me look like a man by any means but it does add a little bit of bulk. You’re adding lean sexy muscle, but it is adding muscle. So I’m trying to lean out a little bit and doing Insanity Max 30 has been my program of choice. And it is kicking my butt every single day and I’m loving it. I’ve always been an Insanity junkie and honestly I tried to do Insanity Max 30 about a year ago, adding in a little additional cardio with Body Beast. But it was so hard, I was like forget it. I felt so uncoordinated, I felt like I couldn’t do it. But I got it back out and I’m a week in and already seeing crazy changes in my body. So win, win there! I’m excited about that! And then I’ve been practicing my walking. I think a lot of times people think when you do a pageant you just go out there and walk. I have an awesome coach, who’s top secret at the moment. I had my first lesson with her last week. And she was showing my how to walk and you guys I am not graceful. I have some grace, but it’s going to take a lot of practice and a lot of work to learn how to do that and to feel comfortable and confident on stage knowing that you are being judged and people are watching everything. So I’m loving it, it’s good. It’s a good push for me.

So I’ve been practicing my walk, I got my hair done today. I’m doing my photo-shoot on Wednesday for headshots to be submitted to the pageant for the pageant program. It’s always a fun time to do photo-shoot’s with our crew. Paj will be there as always, he’s my biggest supporter, my best friend. I can’t do any of this without him. Our photographer is David Rams, Samantha Gunn does my hair and Erica Bogart will be perfecting/master piecing this whole canvas. So I can’t wait, I’m really excited.

It’s only been a week and I’ve learned so much and I’ve already grown so much. just when I’m out and about and walking. I have a habit of hunching over and looking at the ground. And I think that comes from having low confidence from being overweight. I was a 185 pounds and I use to be so ashamed. I would look at the ground because I didn’t want to make eye contact with people. I remember walking out of Kroger and somebody saying “Why are you looking at the ground.” It was because I didn’t want to make eye contact with people. Even though I’ve lost the weight that has still stuck with me I think, subconsciously. If you guys have seen Central Intelligence with the Rock and Kevin Har