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Have you ever thought to yourself there HAS to be something more? A few years ago I found myself a bankrupt, broke single mom DESPERATE to do SOMETHING different. Even though I worked full time, I was just barely able to make ends meet. Often the power was turned off, while the foreclosure and repossession notices poured in. 

I had looked into various home businesses. The majority of them required a HUGE start up fee and TIME. Neither of those could I afford. I didn't have time to do parties and I could barely feed Tiarra and I, how could I afford inventory. 

So I went with Beachbody. No inventory, no contract, no PARTIES! AND it was so reasonable to get started. I had hoped to make $100 a month...that would have helped so much at the time and honestly, I set the bar low. I had never "sold" anything and didn't really consider myself a Leader. But I went for it anyway. I earned so much more than $100 a month...sense of PURPOSE, new FRIENDS, regained my HEALTH and yes, earned a lot of money along the way.

If you are tired of being TIRED. If you are tired of living pay check to pay check or not living up to your full potential please check out my video below. CHANGE begins with a DECISION followed by ACTION! Let me help you live a life that you LOVE. A life that you DESERVE.

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