Hiya gorgeous!!! Are you ready for Obsession? I mean like REALLY ready? 80 Day Obsession is a crazy, intense program, as in probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life.


Having been in the test group, I already know what you can expect.


SO I want to help you get ready with this checklist of things to help you get through the next 80 days. 


1. Mentally Prepare

You’ve got to get MENTALLY prepared. Decide RIGHT now that you are going to be all in with your fitness AND nutrition. It’s 80 days and you are going to get crazy awesome results IF you stick to the program. You don’t want to CHEAT on YOU! So it all starts in your head. For the next 80 days THIS is your life. 


2. Sleep

Let’s talk about your SLEEP habits. Through out this program you’re going to NEED your sleep. Like it’s non-negotiable. Being my own boss I have a bit more luxury here. I’m typically IN BED no later than 10 pm and wake up between 7-8 am.  So if you need to go to bed earlier to wake up earlier DO IT! Sleep is when your body recovers and you need it to push through the next day.

3. Hydrate

Hydration is EVERYTHING. So either buy your water by the Gallons and carry your jug with you OR figure out how many water bottles = a gallon. I drink AT LEAST a gallon of water a day. Your muscles need to stay hydrated and it will help you stay full.

4. Food

FOOD! One of my favorite subjects. Food is LIFE. Your life is going to be organized around WHEN you eat. If you leave the house and know you’ll be gone for at least an hour, you need to have your next meal packed and ready to go. On this plan we are eating every 2-3 hours. Set an alarm on your phone for every 2-3 hours so you don’t accidently forget and miss a meal (yes it IS possible to forget to eat :P ) 

5. Timed Eating

When to eat. I start my day with a spinach, ½ banana, 1 tsp of coconut oil, water and Shakeology all blended together in the blender. I typically have this about 30-60 minutes after waking up. Depending on my schedule that day and when my next meal will be. Becoming a creature of HABITS is NOT a bad thing. It’s going to help keep you on track. 

I typically finish up my last meal around 8-9 pm. More often than not it’s a shake loaded with my veggies and fruit and maybe even a carb depending on which calorie bracket I’m following. 


6. Workout Time

When to workout. I used to workout first thing in the morning, but after being in the 80 Day Obsession test group and streaming live with Autumn everyday at 12:30 eastern, I found that it really works best for me and my schedule. I’m able to work and get stuff done and then power through my workout. This really depends on you and your schedule. Whatever you do, make sure your workouts are scheduled. It’s so much easier to do it everyday at the same time. The less you have to switch things around the easier it is to stick to the plan. 



7. Supplements

Supplements. So this program is going to test your very soul. You are going to need to use some supplements to get the most out of your workouts and to recover.  I personally used Beachbody Performance line every single day. Energize for my pre-workout and Recover for post workout. They are both all natural. Energize has a lemon flavor and gives you the energy you need to get through your workouts without the racing heart or jitters. Recovery comes in chocolate and orange. Both flavors are legit AMAZING. Just think nesquik and orange Julius smoothie YUM! This is going to help your muscles recover and build that strong LEAN muscle.


And of course I don’t go a day without my Shakeology. Shakeology is an all-natural, super food meal replacement shake. I’ve been drinking it for OVER 8 years and it never gets old. It’s loaded with super foods, antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes and literally tastes like DESSERT.


These can all be purchased bundled with 80 Day Obsession through my website www.DrabtoFabLife.com. Let’s catch up and go over the best package for you. 




8. Self Care

Self Care. Yes, I just gave you permission and RECOMMEND getting regular massages J Your body is going to be SORE and pushed to it’s limit. You’re going to need to take care of yourself. Whether a massage is or isn’t in the budget you are going to want to invest in a foam roller. The program actually has a video that you can follow to foam roll out all those tight tense muscles. Epsom salt baths…YES!!!! Every single night. This is going to help remove all that lactic acid in your muscles from lifting ‘dem weights!!




9. Community

Surround yourself with women who are on the same journey. When you are surrounded by like minded people you are more motivated and likely to stick to your program.




10. Commitment

5,4,3,2,1….on days that you feel like CHEATING on yourself by either NOT working out or falling off your meal plan, try this trick. As soon as you get that feeling, count backwards out loud from 5 – 1 and then flip that switch. Get up and get ready to workout or immediately get rid of the idea of cheating on your meal plan. It’s just not worth it. You made a COMMITMENT to yourself and to your goals to get through this program. You don’t want to get to day 80 and wish you had tried harder or done things differently


You’ve got this and as your coach, I am here for you every step of the way!!! I’ve already been through the program so I KNOW what’s coming; I know what you can expect. Are you READY to get Obsessed? Lets set up a time to chat and go over your personal goals and get you going!!





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Top Foods to Have on Hand for Convenience

Hard-boiled Eggs

I buy these by the bag!! They are so convenient and yummy. I love to mash them up and add some Dijon mustard for a quick and easy egg salad. 2 eggs = one red container.


Pre-cooked Chicken

Look for brands that are cage free, no antibiotics etc. You can throw this in a stir-fry; add to a wrap or a salad. My favorite stir-fry is with grilled, kale, shredded carrots, pine nuts or slivered almonds. You can add quinoa depending on what containers you need to eat at that meal. I like to cook it in a tsp. of coconut oil and add a little pink Himalayan salt. Delicious. 


Greek Yogurt

I love the Fage 2% plain greet yogurt. A yummy meal is to add berries, a tsp. of honey or a packet of stevia and cinnamon. Again depending on what containers your using, you could also add in chopped nuts or dry oats. 



Bananas are like the easiest fruit on the planet to consume. Just remember half of a large banana will equal one purple container. I add them to my Shakeology and even my post workout recovery shake.


Rotisserie Chicken

Ahhh yummm. When you go to the grocery store grab a rotisserie chicken for the day. Just be sure to get the “original” and not one that has added seasonings and flavorings. You don’t want any additional sodium or calories



Frozen Shrimp or Fish

Having frozen shrimp or fish on hand is a lifesaver. I love adding shrimp to my favorite stir-fry’s and salads. When you buy it frozen you don’t have to worry as much about having it spoil. 




Original oatmeal is an easy item that you can cook several servings and store in a container in the fridge. Again this just eliminates what you have to do when it comes time to eat. I actually LOVE cold oats!! It’s great with cinnamon and a little stevia or honey. You have to be careful with honey because if you go to crazy you’ll have to count it as a tsp. 




This is another item you can cook in advance and have it in the fridge ready to scoop out with your yellow container. Quinoa is great plain or in salads. One of my favorite recipes is quinoa, chopped cucumbers, red onions, tomatoes marinated in a little olive oil, sea salt and lots of lemon juice!



Cottage Cheese

I always have cottage cheese in the fridge. It’s an easy go to.  I like to have it with sliced tomatoes. I know others like it with fruit. Cottage cheese is also a great protein option on salads. 




Packaged and washed spinach, kale or mixed greens. With Obsession you’re going to be eating a lot of veggies. So its important to have these on hand and read to go.



Shredded Coconut

Shredded coconut will count as an orange container. I love to eat it with my oatmeal! Hot or cold it adds a little extra umph to your oats.





Individual packages of brown rice really come in handy. Just pop it in the microwave for 60-90 seconds and BOOM.





Having pre-cooked beets in the fridge makes for an easy to grab veggie! Beets are considered a superfood and really good for you. I add these to my salads or just have them as a side dish for a meal.




Sweet Potatoes

Another easy carb that you can cook in advance and store in the fridge. I love diced or mashed sweet potatoes, scrambled eggs cooked in a little coconut oil with red onions and sea salt. You can add in chopped peppers or even spinach! Cook until the potatoes get kinda crispy then add in your eggs. 





Favorite Condiments, Misc Items:

-Dijon mustard

-Coconut aminos. Great as a marinade or in stir-fry to make it like teriyaki)

-Rice vinegar. When you sautee or stir-fry with it, it turns into a sweet tangy sauce!

-Splenda all natural Stevia

-Pink Himalyan Salt

-XTC Oil. This is just a purer refined version of coconut oil. You can add it to your -Shakeology, cook with it, make salad dressings etc. It has no taste.





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